I was given the opportunity to share my story.  To share to a crowd of many unfamiliar faces a short and personal story of my journey in a male-dominated industry. My story had a message, and my message included a call to action for change from everyone in any organisation to step up and create an inclusive business that allows everyone to bring their authentic self to work.

Since that moment, I have had so many stories shared with me that should be heard by others. Every story we share can provide fuel and inspiration to help others to take their own journey towards not just workplace diversity, but importantly inclusion as well. 

This space has been prepared to share real stories, written from the heart, with a message and call to action on Diversity & Inclusion in all workplaces.

Any story shared through this website will be read by someone who understands the importance and sensitive nature of what you are sharing, and will ensure it is drafted to allow readers to hear the heart of the story, the message that is important for all to read, and the call to action that relevant parties should take away and make happen back in their workplaces.

Your story will be shared with the respect and integrity it deserves.

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She who shares her story of…

It was ME they walked!

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If reading any of these stories that have been shared trigger any need for support, please reach out to Lifeline, Beyond Blue, or NewPsych Psychologists.